MT Export Helper

Split Your MT Export File. I wrote a quick little web service to intelligently split large export files from Typepad and Movable Type into more manageable chunks.

8 thoughts on “MT Export Helper

  1. Any chance you’re going to support the format as an export format? It’s only one that most tools can use, and a pretty smart guy said, “But there’s another even better reason to respect prior art. If we do it the same way — instead of two ways to do something, there’s only one. That means that any software that worked with the other guy’s product works with ours.”

    Does the MT import format suck? Yup. Is it comprehensive? Nope. Should you *also* have your own format for completenes? Absolutely. But you should have the confidence by now to build an export into a format everyone can use to bring posts in and out of other systems.

  2. Hey Anil! There are a few plugins for creating MT-style dumps from WP, but I haven’t seen any gain enough momentum to really warrant inclusion with core. Our upcoming 2.1 release includes an export based on extending RSS, which had the most widespread support at the time I surveyed similar software like s9y and has the bonus of being easily parsable with any XML or RSS tools.

    Last time we chatted about MT export format you indicated the problems were pretty well understood and that an Atom-based system would be the basis for your products going forward. Has that changed? Admittedly that conversation was a while ago.

  3. Turk, I don’t see why not, I should be able to take *almost* the same code, but I don’t think it’ll be needed. Andy is working on a upgrade for the export system which will do this in core, allowing you to download your export in chunks. I believe he’s just working out some UI issues before putting the patch in Trac.

  4. Matt,

    If you’re considering something along these lines, I think it might be a good time to start adopting the BlogML format. Plenty of blogging software already supports the format, which means you can pick up your content from one blogging platform and seamlessly move it into another one, yipyah!