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WordPress Wii Edition Plugin, so you can browse your blog from the Wii browser. I’ve gotten a Wii and it’s definitely the device of the season, it doesn’t do as much as the PS3 or Xbox, but it’s way more fun.

13 thoughts on “WordPress Wii Plugin

  1. I’m a casual gamer, so I like how easy it is to pick up the games I’ve tried and how Wii sports ties in a lot of movement, it’s also great to play with other people. Folks really get into it.

  2. Thanks for the Wii plugin mention Matt. We’re getting great feedback and we’re are looking to build in some Wii specific features. Happy Holiday’s to you and the WordPress team. Dave

  3. Uh … maybe stupid question … why would you need a plug-in for HTML/CSS rendering? What happened to web standards? Either the Wii sucks at rendering HTML/CSS or WordPress has a problem with the Wii … either way it doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. Hi Woody.

    Webpages on the Wii are hard to view on default zoom and on many pages (designed wider then 800 pixels) you will have to scroll from side to side. In addition, font sizes that work on a computer screen don’t render well at TV screen resolutions so you would have to zoom in to easily read a post. As such we put together the WordPress Wii Plugin to take the hassle out of reading WordPress blogs on the Wii.

    Much like Alex King’s Mobile Plugin (which detects mobile devices and provides templates that make sense for handsets) the Wii Plugin detects the Wii and renders your WordPress blog with a theme that optimizes your layout and fonts for TV screens. Plus it uses Wii UI buttons and header and the like if you’re really into the Wii look. We’ll be providing options to customize it further along with some other CSS goodness. The “plugin” part ensures this theme is only delivered to your reader when they are viewing your WordPress blog from a Nintendo Wii.

    Make sense?


  5. Woody: From what I understand, the plugin makes sure to display a version of the site with a style optimized for television screens. The font sizes, designs, etc., in many website (and WordPress) styles probably don’t look as attractive (or as readable) on a screen with much lower resolution.

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  7. Hey Matt. Next week we’re releasing the “Ultimate WordPress Gamer’s Pack” Plugin. This plugin will include the Wii template plus templates optimized for the DS-Lite and PSP.