2.1 and Forward

I almost forgot to blog it here, WordPress 2.1 is out and everyone should upgrade. We have shiny download buttons. It has been downloaded 52,216 times in about 24 hours. Now the real fun starts in development, for example I just checked in Atom API support to the 2.2 trunk, and other goodies around APIs and syndication.

30 thoughts on “2.1 and Forward

  1. Matt,

    Congratulations to you guys! I’m a product manager for an online software development company and know how difficult a release can be. Thankfully, we’re SaaS so no one downloads and installs our stuff. WordPress is an INCREDIBLE application full of potential.

    I hope to develop a few plugins over the next year and help in WordPress’ popularity. I also have a draft of a book I’m writing on it that I’d love to share with you… after all the bugs are worked out. πŸ˜‰


  2. WP 2.1 rocks! I’m even using a few legacy plugins that I wasn’t sure if they’d still work, but I haven’t found a single thing that worked under 2.0.7 that broke under 2.1.

    Thanks to everyone for all your hard work. It shows, and it’s making my job as a blog owner even easier.

  3. I’ve upgraded yesterday. I really love the upgrade step(s). I even made a backup (hey, I almost NEVER make backups), thinking 2.1 would surely break my install but it worked flawlessly. That was the easiest 5 minute install ever. And 2.1 only broke one plugin (tagging thingy), which is easily fixed I’m willing to bet. Very, very well done. Thank you.

  4. Ah, if only my host ran MySQL 4 or greater… There will be more left outs because of that than you can think about. Don’t forget about us, 2.0.X users and keep bug and security fixes coming, when appropriated!


  5. I was already wondering about it since I often visit your blog. I was waiting for WordPress to release it before I went to bed on the 22nd. We’re 9 hours ahead of US, you know. I downloaded it after an hour when you released it. So far, of the 4 sites and 2 blogs that I maintain using WordPress, I already upgraded 3. I need to fix some codes first as I use it as CMS.

    Thank you! Thanks to WordPress Team!

  6. This is a great upgrade, the WordPress team did an awesome job on it πŸ™‚ The code view is a good improvement. my blogrol broke with the update, but that was fixed fairly painless.

    And you can’t beat shiny buttons, it just doesn’t get get better than that.