Enrique Dans Switch

For the Spanish speakers in the crowd, noted blogger Enrique Dans has switched to WordPress. The switch was done by Blogestudio, whose Luis Rull was my host in Seville. They’ve done something neat with redirecting old links on Blogspot, I hope they publish more about that. (I wonder if they could use Blogger’s new Custom Domains feature to make it automatic.)

9 thoughts on “Enrique Dans Switch

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of splogs use javascript instead of a meta-refresh for redirecting.

    I imagine you could do the same thing at Blogspot, grab the current URL and then do a transform to get the new URL.

  2. Hey Matt, Thanks!! 😉

    We are using the new Blogger’s new custom domain feature in Luis Rull’s old blog, try this search and you will be redirected with a 301 error 😉 but Enrique is (was) an old legacy Blogger Plus user with domain associaton so we are having some problems migrating his Blogger blog to the new version to use that feature. Until we are able to migrate we are using this template (done by Alex) to republish all blog posts.

    Engtech, we are doing that and 2 things more 😉

    1) We are offering the new link to the user.
    2) If users don’t click, and they have JavaScript, the will be redirected
    3) If don’t have JavaScript, they will be redirected with meta refresh (problem with referer solved with .htaccess)

    Thanks again Matt!