5 thoughts on “In defense of simplicity

  1. Very interesting, thought-provoking post. There is something to be said for simplicity, although asthetics and functionality still come into play.

    I read in this month’s subscription of one of my car magazines that the Honda Accord, despite missing a lot of bells and whistles, rated as the best car in general for the last several years. This was based on good (not great): looks, performance, and price; and Accords are reliable as all-get-out because of the simplicity. No one grows up wanting to buy an Accord, but no reasonable person complains about that being the choice they made to buy a car.

  2. It may be that most of your clients are interested in computers and therefore you can take a lot for granted. As for me, computers are the medium, politics the message. Roughly 90% of what you write is mumbo-jumbo and you don’t seem to have skill in communicating. Or you are not interested.

  3. I think he is specifically going after you, because you are a geek and don’t write about politics. To knock your communication skills…that’s just wrong. 1) You are young and a non-journalism major. 2) It’s the thought that counts.

    Thank you for being a geek and NOT writing about politics.

    Your readers must have diverse backgrounds, too, because I talked about cars as an example.