Anatomy of MySQL on the GRID. “A number of these users came running to (mt) Media Temple with the promise that their applications, despite all of their deficiencies, would be accepted and not turned off. These users are radically different, by orders of magnitude, from anything we had previously analyzed or benchmarked.”

14 thoughts on “MT MySQL Grid

  1. Interesting article. So they’re basically giving every shared-hosting customer their own mini-VPS with clustered CPU power and clustered RAM usage. This should interesting to see in action…

  2. “deficiencies”, wow that one slipped by my radar in reading it the other day.

    I was on the Grid through all of those problems and I was told by (mt) in numerous tickets that it was WordPress’ fault. With very few plugins installed I couldn’t believe that all of my wordpress sites that previously worked great on their own shared plan (ss) would now be classified as deficient and cause disconnect issues.

    I did laugh when I read, “Our new offering quickly became a refuge for sites that were kicked off their old hosting company; a common industry practice. Because of their high database load “requirements” and need of resources”
    A quote that directly precedes yours because through all of my posting of disappointments I was eventually “kicked off” the grid. For what? It wasn’t because of my apps, it was because I blogged about it.

    I’ve finally severed my relationship and my highly deficient WordPress installs are working great on my own VPS.

  3. Dan–

    I was hosting on shared hosting for years, but made the move to a dedicated host about 2 years ago. I went with a dedicated host, unmanaged, which quickly turned into the host company not caring, so I moved to a managed+dedicated solution.

    I can’t say how happy I’ve been and I’ll never go back. For an average webmaster or site, shared hosting would be ok, but not for a network like mine anymore.

    Dedicated or VPS is the way to go.

  4. Right now, that link is showing a WordPress Database connection error. Meta.

    I also was told that it was a WordPress problem causing my site to go bad on The Grid. Specifically, I was asked to disable Akismet.

  5. I just moved from (mt) to ASmallOrange this week because of the MySQL connectivity problems plaguing the Grid. (mt) flashed some ego-filled marketing speak at me and indicated that I should be thankful to be part of this “bleeding edge” technology. It’s unfortunate, because I think they have been incredibly forthcoming as of this morning with their problems and plan for moving forward. But they’re still asking people to pony up $20/mo while they fix it. That’s not cool with me.

  6. There was a bug in an old version of Akismet that could cause problem, but if you have the latest version it should be extremely easy on your DB, simply because all processing is done externally. It’s tough to be nicer about blocking spam than that.

    If they tell you that Akismet is the source of your problems again, forward me the email and I’ll contact Media Temple and help sort it out.

  7. In general, people are far more likely to leave a negative comment about a host than a positive one. Another good example is Dreamhost, I know people who say it’s down more than it’s up, and others who’ve been happy customers for 7 years. Individual experience can vary a lot.

  8. I know this is a old post. But, just thought of updating guys in web. (mt) grid server mysql is still very poor. We cannot depend on it. Very frequently it is going down. (mt)’s support staff comes to us and market about their upgrades. I am really frustrated and plan to move to a better host.

  9. (mt) is too expensive for me 🙂
    So I moved on, and find another dedicated hosting, also featured on and I’m happy now with all the way it works! I hope someday I will get enough money to keep another website on (mt).