RTL support

RTL support in WordPress 2.1, I’m really looking forward to the release of 2.1 this month. Our internationalization efforts is probably where I learn the most new stuff day to day.

5 thoughts on “RTL support

  1. I think that it’s excellent that WordPress has taken this as a challenge to adopt. It’s something that I think a closed-source or for-profit codebase would have issues with, as you’d have to do things like making business cases for inclusion. Instead, WP can use the philosophy of, “Can we do it? We can? Let’s do it!” and build a product that even more people can use.

  2. This is excellent news for us Arabs especially! I’ve set up a community blog based on MUWP (http://bahrainblogs.org) and am sure that we will get a lot more success with the RTL support. In fact I think I might be able to pull a lot of bloggers depending on purely Arabic platforms like maktoob.com and jeeran.com over once that RTL change trickles to MU!

    For the immediate time, I can happily use that feature on my own blog.

    Thanks for that.

  3. Mahmood, I think it’s already in MU. We have about four thousand bloggers using RTL on WordPress.com already, mostly Arabic and Farsi.