Wii Tennis

We’ve been taking breaks at night here in La Paz by playing a bit of Wii Tennis, which is one of the best multiplayer games ever. Barry decided to organize a double-elimination tournament where everyone had to link to the winner. That ended up being me and so they’ve requested this post so they can properly pingback their entries to this one.

24 thoughts on “Wii Tennis

  1. I won the first and only time I played a couple weeks ago. I figured out that you don’t at all have to physically get into the game; just flick the controller with your wrist (rather than your shoulder) when the ball gets close to your player!

  2. What makes it better than real tennis? Less skill required? Less physical exertion? More electricity? Sorry, I don’t see the appeal of playing a tennis video game unless you have no one anybody to play with.

    Real life is multi-player.

  3. Dooooorks.

    OK, to be fair, you were playing with your own controller and your tennis-foo is something ridiculous, like off the charts… 2000 or something when the chart stops at 1800. How could they have possibly beat you with a experience level like that attached to your Mii?

    I’m sure that Barry brought his own controller, but even so Barry’s Mii experience level isn’t up to 2000.

    *WHERE* is the video of Andy and Barry in Austin?

    Okidoke, off to the DMV.

  4. What makes it better than real tennis?

    Well, for starters, the fact that you can play it in the same room where we’re working, in the middle of the night, in your bare feet.

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