2007 Resolutions

  1. Not be so late with things like resolutions.
  2. Make my writing shorter. Because… nevermind.
  3. Read 2 offline books a month.
  4. File taxes on time.
  5. Do 3 major releases of WordPress.
  6. Get Wii tennis score to 4000.
  7. Eat more regular meals.
  8. Release 3 new Open Source projects.
  9. Normalize sleep schedule.
  10. Throw out clothes I don’t wear, junk I don’t need.
  11. Keep inbox in the single or double digits.
  12. Stop trying to do everything myself.
  13. Take it to thirteen.

23 thoughts on “2007 Resolutions

  1. These were my resolutions.

    I’d bump up #4.. taking control of your financial destiny is one of those things that pays huge dividends.

    Something to keep in mind… what are you going to *stop* doing? You would have been doing these things already if you had time for them. 🙂

  2. I agree with Bazza. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Depending on the junk, it might even be useful to someone who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

    I do think that #6 and #9 conflict with each other, though … Wii Tennis is mad addictive 😛

  3. Gmail won’t help me respond to more of the emails, I’m using the number in the inbox as a metric for how many I haven’t properly dealt with (responded to) yet.

  4. To echo a few others, I fervently hope that you’ll give away the clothes instead of throwing them away, as there are those who need them even if you don’t. Find a charity like Goodwill and donate them. You can even get a receipt for tax deduction purposes, though Kat and I usually don’t bother. You can offload most “junk” that way, too, assuming it’s potentially useful stuff you just don’t want any more.

    Good luck with the rest. I need to stick to #4 myself this year. Filing on extension last year really screwed things up.

  5. “Release 3 new Open Source projects.” This is an interesting one. Do you have a list of past Open Source projects you’ve done? What are your ideas for new ones?

  6. #8 sounds very interesting!I’m looking forward to see what you’re going to do!

    And let me add my voice to the others that asks you to give stuff away instead of throwing it.. 🙂

  7. First there were code snippets, texturize, autop, intellimenu, etc. Then was WordPress, and followed by that was bbPress. Nothing since.

  8. This inspiring I must say. I neglected to do the whole resolution thing last month so now you’ve got me thinking. I agree with 9 & 12 for myself =P.

  9. When you want to find a new home for something don’t junk it, most major cities have an active freecycle group – just advertise your stuff on the list, and invariably someone will appear at a mutually agreeable time to take it off your hands. Everyone’s a winner.

  10. Perhaps a Wikipress? That would be awesome. A perfectly integrated forum-wiki-blog combo would be wonderful, something I’ve been looking for in fact.

    Very nice list, I may pick a few of these up myself.

  11. I am with you, but 12 screams out at me. I am too freakin’ independent for my own good……if I could just let go a bit, I might actually be a little more successful….1,2,7,9 (I had a 26 hour day yesterday before I got sleep), 10, 11…..oh yeah….

  12. Pretty good list Matt … But don’t you think 4k on tennis is kinda a lofty goal ?


    Good luck with that and those wordpress releases too !! 🙂