Better Voicemail

Callwave has a cool service which allows you to send your voicemail to them rather than the crappy service your cell company provides. You get an email with caller ID info whenever you get a voicemail and a link to listen to it. You can also check it from your phone, like normal voicemail. It’s a freemium model. I’m loving it. The setup is just typing in a weird string of digits into your cell phone.

15 thoughts on “Better Voicemail

  1. Does not seem available in the state of Canada. Any one know of Canadian alternatives? I was also looking into a Skype In, but also nt available here in the land of the Canuck.

  2. Matt,

    I switched to Callwave last night for a bit and I’ll admit, they’ve made the process as simple as possible.

    I’ll switch back to Grandcentral for some of the other features but they could definitely take a few notes from the Callwave setup process.

  3. YouMail is a similar service, free (for now), and includes customized voicemail messages for every number that calls you. For example, when my wife calls she gets: “Leave me alone devil woman!”, but when my work calls, they get the nice version 🙂

  4. I been using it and it works great. They also have widgets for mac osx so that you can use it like visual voicemail. You can also use their software to call people back for free.

  5. Lloyd: SkypeIn IS available in Canada. One of my compadres has it and she is in Vancouver.

    Matt: Nice find. I just set it up myself. Maybe now I’ll actually check my messages. 🙂

  6. Works great for me. I use the dashboard widget also to listen to my voicemails on my computer. I like the YouMail idea I’ll have to look into that. Very neat.