Buzz TV

Technorati Buzz TV yesterday: “Before Jesus was a carpenter he was a… gay escort?” No blog reactions at the time of this post. Has Technorati gone tasteless, or are you going to subscribe to the videocast and use Technorati more now? I’m curious about your thoughts.

20 thoughts on “Buzz TV

  1. My use of Technorati has been in steady decline for the better part of a year. It’s no one thing, even though I think that title was sensationalist and in poor taste – I’m sure he was referencing the actor.

    The problem is that I don’t have an exclusive use for Technorati anymore. They send me traffic when I tag, more than Icerocket or any other site, so I still respect them for that, even though the site seems to be broken all the time. If I want to browse blogs, I go to MyBlogLog. If I want to search blogs, I go to Google. I have my favorite blogs in my newsreader.

    It’s just not THE place to go, even for hot news, anymore. Sad sorta. I loved them in their heyday.

  2. Didn’t subscribe to the videocast earlier, and don’t think I am going to do it now anyway.

    But, doesn’t this seem to be just a cheap ploy by Technorati to increase its readership?

  3. eeek. i’m leaning towards tasteless. while i’m not offended, i am seeing more companies going the route of causing an uproar for attention, which never works in the longrun.

  4. I’m guessing there were no blog reactions because not many people have seen it. doesn’t give away play counts though, so it’s hard to confirm. I’m all about dark/dry humor, but that didn’t even make sense. It was just stupid. I’m not offended, I just wish he was more funny.

    This is the first time I have seen Buzz TV and I wasn’t impressed. He corrected someone about “socialist healthcare” (saying it would be social healthcare, which isn’t true… Just Google it) and then at the end screwed up Ted Haggard’s name (called him Ted Haggardy). He doesn’t come off as being very bright. It was kind of like listening to that frat guy in school who you will beat on the math test and end up out drinking at a party next week. Just not very cool.

  5. Only tasteless if you like Jesus, I guess.
    Personally, I get the humour, but then again, I think David Cross is the funniest guy out there right now…

  6. One more dolt video blogging, who is quite happy to make an “obvious” sensational comment to drive traffic.

    Ignore it and it will go away – pandering to it by making “omgZ!!@! i’m offended!!” statements only proves the ploy is/ was working.

  7. Not very original. Is he trying to be Colbert?

    Now if he really wanted some buzz, he would have said something about Mohamed. But that takes guts. After all, Christians aren’t killing people over tasteless attempts at humor.

    I won’t be subscribing to the video cast. I am saving the room on my iPod for your PodCast (feed please šŸ™‚

  8. Offensive. No doubt about it.

    Then again, it’s okay to insult Christians, as long as you never insult Muslims. (Or so popular culture would have us believe.)

  9. The odd thing to me, is that I actually had to read this twice before I actually realised what the “tasteless” comment actually referred to. It just read as pretty normal to me.

    With the people I hang around with… well, it’s pretty tame stuff.

  10. Fast talking idiot guy, well it’s not funny. There are other means to be funny and this just not it–mere classic stupidity. Try that with other faith, let’s see if he’ll still see tomorrow.