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Jim Amos just wrote in that Campbell-Ewald launched a new WordPress-powered site for the US Postal Service, called Deliver Magazine. Congrats to Jim and Naoko McCracken! Ryan noticed the other day that Nancy Pelosi has a WordPress blog at called The Gavel. Cool domain name, and good to see WP being used in the political realm, especially since none of the Presidential candidates for 2008 are using WP (yet). If you come across or instigate WordPress being used someplace cool, be sure to write in.

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  1. I noticed some time ago that The Black Keys‘ site is also a very nice implementation of WordPress. Nice mix of static CMS and blog features, and a prevalence of various feeds.

    Couldn’t figure out who built it though…

  2. I spend a **lot** of time browsing government sites, especially those of various members of Congress. If you look at many of them, they all seems to slowly be moving to WordPress, leaving Blogger.

    In fact, just a couple weeks ago, after noticing that one politico was using WordPress (found out via the source code), but had **no** real mention of WP in the footer of the pages, in the header of the coding — I called and asked. The aide said yes, it was WordPress, and that the contractor should **not** have gone to extreme lengths to make it look like a private or non-blog site. I will be checking back on the site, just to see if there’s any WP coding to be found in a few days. Just to be nosy.

  3. The Postal Service is using version 2.0.4 — I guess their announcement about 2.1 got… lost in the mail!

    [wiping eyes] … oh I slay me.

  4. ‘Sprague’ – right you are: we were in the middle of development when the new version was announced – we decided it was more time effective to stick with 2.04 for the time being, especially since we got our hands a little dirty and modified a few core files and made some custom tweaks to existing plugins. Sometimes, bleeding edge isn’t the best option. Well spotted though.

  5. WP is getting extremely popular, especially since it is so easy to use to power an entire site even if they do not want to blog. Congrats to WP