Alexa Blocks Statsaholic

Alexa appears to be blocking any image loads from the Statsaholic domain, which was recently renamed from Alexaholic. If you change or block your referrers, the images load just fine. Bad form on Alexa’s part, especially since Alexaholic put an infinitely more usable UI on Alexa’s data, which Alexa later updated their own chart widgets to copy.

15 thoughts on “Alexa Blocks Statsaholic

  1. Dustin that report is fairly biased, because you are not comparing apples with apples.

    It is more like comparing apples with tiramisu

    There is still massive inaccuracy within the same niche, but the same can be true of competitors like Compete or Quantcast, as my recent comparison showed.

    Matt I agree this it very Myspace like, the widgets provide backlinks for Alexa all over the net, and are hardly a resource drain.

    Maybe what they really need to do is introduce some caching, so they only pull the widget once per day to make Alexa happy.

    I have been nudging a few WordPress plugin developers to do a caching plugin for MyBlogLog and other services for over a month now, as it would probably be fairly straight forward to do with curl if they had the experience.