Just a quick reminder, I’m going to be in Austin at SxSW next week and if you see me please introduce yourself. I’ll have a stash of WordPress stickers at all times. 🙂 There is also shaping up to be a little meetup on Saturday at Barcamp around 6, so block that out. Finally I’m speaking on Monday.

11 thoughts on “At SxSW

  1. Shame that those of us unable to travel to such places as Austin (is that in the USA) don’t get a chance at free stickers. Coming from Europe (that’s not in the USA, but makes up a large portion of WordPress customers) can mean being left out …

  2. Wish I was going. This sounds like a great year for it. If I may, please everyone visit my cousin’s bar, The Beauty Bar on 7th street. I’m sure it will be packed, but if you see a Korean girl behind the bar, tell her Jason’s cousin, Chris (my middle name) sent you.

  3. Heya Matt – good to hear that WordPress folks are gathering again at this year’s BarCampAustin, that was one of the highlights of the event for me last year 🙂

    Clipmarks is sponsoring this year, so I’m sure I’ll see you there.


  4. Hey Matt,

    It’ll be great to meet some of the fine folks from WordPress at BarCamp. We couldn’t do what we do without ya’ll doing what you do…..ugh….too much caffeine. Ahem. You know what I mean.


  5. Man, hate I’m going to miss it. As someone else said, this looks like a great year. I kind of see the rationale for having SxSW when all the local colleges are on spring break, but it makes us university educators have to chose between vacation and SxSW : )

  6. Hey Matt,

    I really loved your panel at SXSW, best one I saw. Recently switched to WordPress from Movable Type, and I have to start thinking about switching my own site over.

    Walked away very inspired, thanks.