12 thoughts on “Good Morning Switch

  1. And so did we – just now. Well, a couple of hours ago. So thanks for all the work you put into WP.

    Was a lot of hard work though. Four years of MT and 4 MT-blogs into WP with emulation through categories. No Permalink broken!

    I suppose that question has been asked about a hundred times – why no a simple multiblog capability in WP? Not WP-MU blogfarm sized, but something smaller. Maybe super categories that will keep all content distinct from the others. It was a real pain to have to write a custom function to have date based archives by category, for example, and then to check which one of the blog-level categories is the parent.

    Looking forward to WP 2.2!

  2. That’s great, Matt. WP continues to evolve into a fantastic CMS as well as blogging platform. I know quite a few folks who are making a living thanks to what you’ve started.

    I was at a meeting once with Frank Batten and someone asked ‘How much is enough?’ I cringed, but he graciously answered that every family that can earn a good living from what he started is worth more than any dollar he ever personally earned. Wise man.

    You must feel great that there’s an industry beginning to take hold around what you started.