Summer of Code

WordPress is part of Google Summer of Code this year, with some real rock-stars mentoring. It’s a great opportunity for students, if you know anyone who loves solving problems and would be a good fit please encourage them to apply.

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Oooo…this prompted me to check out the Summer of Code page at the codex. This caught my eye:

Idea: Three features that would make WordPress a better CMS

NICE. I’ll push any php/mysql geniuses I know towards that particular project – for completely selfish reasons.

Ah.. it seems as if every Google SoC project is geared towards those already with a bit of experience. If only there were projects that an intermediate programmer could complete in the given amount of time.

Hi Matt! I’m glad to hear you are interested. You’re not alone. Please email me at with your contact information, Skype account if you have it. and we can chat. You’re not alone in your interest. I had my first applicant at 5:45 this morning.

My original project proposal involved a larger analysis period and would have allowed us to plan the specific milestones required to make WordPress the dominant product in the CMS market. The project was scaled back to allow for success even if we had limited interest. However, if we can put a team of dedicated people together, we should be able to deliver improvements that will benefit the entire WordPress install base, AND deliver a plan that makes WordPress not only the best Blogging software, but the best open source CMS software too.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Oh – and Hi Matt! The good times are ready to roll!