DoubleClick and Kevin Ryan

I just read about DoubleClick being acquired for 3.1 billion by Google. Coincidentally I met Kevin Ryan, co-founder of DoubleClick, earlier today. These days he’s involved in several startups, he showed me a cool demo of one called ShopWiki. It’s a shopping search engine that indexes everything, not just paid feeds like does, and you can do cool stuff like search by color and neat range stuff.

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Hey, what a cool guy. He’s very involved with human rights and international health. I really like to see folks like Ryan make good because they recognize that with wealth and success you can make the world a better place. Good for him.

Hey Matt
FYI, Kevin Ryan did not co-found DoubleClick. DCLK was founded by Kevin O’Connor and Dwight Merriman. Kevin Ryan came in later when they needed a seasoned CEO to run the business. Kind of like Larry and Sergey recruited Eric Schmidt, only in a slightly different world…. 🙂

Jan Grønbech
Oslo, Norway.
(Ex-Managing Director, DoubleClick Norway)