JS-Kit Ratings widget

JS-Kit Ratings widget is a small, registration free JS widget you can use to allow people to rate things on your site. I think this is a pretty neat approach to things.

8 thoughts on “JS-Kit Ratings widget

  1. Hi Mike, what did you place on the js-kit command line for it to recognize different posts in Word Press?

    I have placed this into single.php, but it is carrying rating A over to post B.


  2. Bill,

    To get the js-kit ratings widget to work on wordpress for multiple blog posts (it’s really easy), I set it up this way:

    In the single.php file, enter this code somewhere before or after the <?php the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry »’); ?> line:

    <div class=”js-kit-rating” path=””>

    This will allow each post’s page to feature the js kit rating on it.

    I also wanted to have the stars show up on each post when a person is browsing the main page and looking at many posts.

    To do this, change the main index template as follows:

    Right after
    put only the first part of the js kit code:
    <div class=”js-kit-rating” path=””>

    this will place the rating into each post. Then, right after add the rest of the code:

    The reason is that the last part of the code should only appear once, which is why you have it outside of the loop.

    You can view it in action on my blog http://www.yangtown.com

    Hope this helps,