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  1. Wow!!!
    Space””the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blogship WordPress. Its mission: to explore strange new codes, to seek out new plugins and new php files, to boldly go where no platform has gone before

    WordPress rulez! 😉

    all the best

  2. Good news, and this is a great plus when it comes to the credibility of one of the most exciting open-source projects in the past year.

    Now, when someone critisizes WP, I can just leave them dumbfounded by replying “Well NASA uses it!”

  3. We love WordPress over here at NASA Glenn Research Center, with a smaller group of us using it to make publishing NASA Directorate, Branch or Project sites easy for every type of HTML-knowledged worker, from administrative to technical.

    See more here:


    Our customized theme (still using a modified version of Sandbox) with some revisions, passes muster with the annual Section 508 accessibility reviews. New issues are addresses and fixes help every curator.

    On Deck: Updated our theme to match the current NASA Affinity “Look and Feel,” as seen at http://www.nasa.gov.

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