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NYC Meetup Update

Based on the comments on the last entry I think we’re going to kick off the April 11 meetup at Bryant Park at 6:30, and if needed migrate for drinks at 8 PM when the park closes to someplace like Heartland Brewery on West 43rd. How’s that sound to the New Yorkers in the audience? Update: Scott says “The northwest corner of the park is the most accessible (south of the Starbucks, east of the Verizon shop). Plus that’s where the coffee is.” That’s where we’ll meet. I’ll be in a beige overcoat and green shirt.

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Hey, hey, Bryant Park is a fine place. I don’t think it’ll be Texas-quality warm, but should be nice enough. Instead of Heartland Brewery for drinks, though, I’d suggest nearby Stout NYC. They’ve a beer for everyone. 😉

Sounds great! I’m going to make it a point to be there.

My only question is, since Bryant Park is a bit on the largish size, where exactly can I find you all at 6:30?


Sounds good. Where in Bryant Park will we meet? By the Merry-Go-Round? The Fountain? Should we wear funny hats to recognize each other?

The northwest corner of the park is the most accessible (south of the Starbucks, east of the Verizon shop). Plus that’s where the coffee is.

Frankly, I have to agree with ERH after looking at tomorrow’s forecast. Not exactly spring here yet. Of course, it won’t be terrible so it might be practical to meet there, and then move along after an hour.

See you alls tomorrow.

Northwest corner it is!

It’s too bad about the weather, maybe we can circle laptops to generate heat.

If anyone misses us at the park, it’s probably because we went to the Heartland venue a litte earlier than 8PM.

Regardless of rain, sleet, or snow, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. 🙂

How do these meetups normally go? What goes on? I’ve never been to one before and I was curious.

[…] Matt and Toni are in town at the moment and had proposed a meetup. After a bit of a mix up (they were late, the attendees all want to the pub, but the long way round) it all sorted itself out and 14 of us sat down at the Heartland Brewery (who gave us a private room at the back and treated us very well) for a few drinks, food and a lot of nattering. A great night, culminating in the the last 4 returning to our respective domiciles via a late night walk in Central Park. Hopefully John will post his photos soon. No TagsLicenseThis work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 License. Posted by Rachel on April 12th, 2007 Filed in life, fun […]

It was great to meet everyone. I am glad to hear Matt survived his late night excursion to the terrifying wilds of Central Park : )

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