Showing Arrogance

Matthew Mullenweg Continues to show his arrogance — “WordPress isn’t even true XHTML or XML script or code, It’s PHP Script. and this is why it is so easy to hack. From what I’ve gathered, Blogger is a True blue XML Blog. For those that don’t know this, PHP script, is the same script that is used by your PhpBB message boards. and anyone with any kind of good computer knowledge, knows that PhpBB is *very* easy to be hacked. VBulletin is a classic example, as is InvisionFree.” Work has already begun to ensure version WordPress 3.0 will be in True Blue XML.

79 thoughts on “Showing Arrogance

  1. any site can be hacked easily if you have the knowledge, be it asp, php, or jsp.

    No matter how secure a website is, it is still prone to hacking.

  2. Haha, that’s quite funny. He later goes on to say that ‘ is NOT spam free’, when Plagarism Today said that it is VIRTUALLY spam free. Must have misread it.

    In all honesty, Matt, I don’t think you show any arrogance. The fact of the matter is that WP is one of the most original and breakthrough OS software packages today, and without a doubt, the best blogging package.

  3. What the frack is True Blue XML? And if PhpBB is coded in an unsecure way — what has this to do with WordPress-coding?

    Code-security is not a matter of language alone, but of the way programmers do their job (imho).

  4. Quite the bitter little splogger he is. I noticed that he has everything under the sun for sale on his splog, even paid links. Personally, I have never heard one ill word about WP, but I can’t count how many folks have complained about blogger.

  5. from my own experience, i would have to guess that he violated license terms on the artwork used in most of his themes. GPL headers, icons, and bullets are very hard to come by.

  6. His post is so incomprehensible in its criticism that I don’t even understand your response. πŸ™ Do you mean that well-formedness will be enforced?

  7. Erm… Given the level of technical incompetence and outright aggressive stupidity that exsudes from his entire post, I really don’t know if it even deserved a link and the ensuing attention…

  8. Um, what?

    Does he realise that the PHP generates the XHTML? Or that PHP and XHTML are separate technologies that do different things? Or that something needs to process the XML into XHTML, and that something will be XSLT or PHP? Or that his grammar is terrible?

  9. Uhhhhhhh, yeaaaah. Right.

    What a clueless crank.

    For those of you who haven’t done so already, click through to the article and read the whole thing. He rambles from point to point, comparing apples to oranges, showing his ignorance of the underlying technologies, and never really going anywhere with his argument (which is bogus to start with).

  10. I’m afraid he’s exponentially more ignorant than you are arrogant. I don’t understand how he can think because phpBB was written in PHP, it automatically makes every other PHP application “hackable”. Using this logic, if a single application written in C/C++/C# is hackable (of which there are plenty), then all applications written in C/C++/C# are hackable and should be avoided. Now, apply this logic to every language, and you’ve run out of options for secure applications.

  11. “True Blue” – sorry but my first thought was K3.

    Actually my first thought was “huh?” because I’m a total fan of WordPress and Also Akismet.

    Probably you don’t need me to tell you this, but you’re doing fine. Me, I like what I see now, and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

  12. Um, I don’t get it. Maybe I’m not very well informed about these things. How can XML on its own power anything in the same way as PHP can? Isn’t XML a file-format for storing data? I know that you can do some pretty cool stuff with XSS (and have been playing around with some fairly simple things myself), but surely that’s not nearly as flexible as a real scripting language like PHP?

    Or am I being seriously dense and not getting some late all-fools’-day prank?

  13. He continues on the comments (in reply to a different Jordan, incidentally): “Thanks Jordan, I never claimed to be a programmer… πŸ˜€ But Still stand by my statement… matt didn’t create WordPress, he stole or whatever the new buzz word is, the code and adapted it for his use and is profiting off of it. If I were the owner of the Original code and I knew what he was doing, I’d sue his ass in court for profits. and I’m sure Matt’s making a nice wad of cash…..on a piece of stolen PHP code. How charming and Original.”


  14. I’m going to play dumb and assume that all he said is true. That You are an arrogant SOB and I’ll ignore all write ups about WordPress that portrays differently.

    Blogger still is used by almost every single spam blog I’ve run across. I have seen a couple WordPress run, but those are on private servers… and Akismet had them listed.

  15. Hah! When I read the post on “The Populist” site I figured the guy for 15. It’s sad when a 34 year old writes such incoherent drivel. My favorite is:

    “Greetings! Welcome to the Populist Blog! This Bog is a Political, News, Headlines, Humor and Misc Blog. You can find Populist Defined Here A very Famous Populist is Lou Dobbs – Official Website”

    Bog indeed!

  16. same codebase (php) doesn`t mean same security holes in source, or? ..and php is old, xml is newer, there`s no question which code is easier to hack.. and phpbb is no state of art.. or am i totally wrong?

  17. I tried to follow the link to see why this guy has his panties in a knot. But when the page finally loaded, it crashed my browser (Safari 2.0.2). I did have the pleasure of hearing you speak last year at BayCHI. And you projected a centered intelligence and openness; pretty much the antithesis of arrogance.

  18. The irony that he mentions the Google buyout of Blogger, but due to his “newness” (On Blogger Since February 2007) in the game doesn’t remember any of the problems blogger had years ago. I tried using blogger back in the spring of 04, a full year after Google had acquired them. There were huge outages and problems.

    Part of the reason why I setup my own hosting and testing out open source projects like phpNuke etc.

    Keep up the great work, and don’t let the phonies get to you

    Bradford Knowlton

  19. Yea, Matt, you are one arrogant SOB. I mean your arrogance has provided me (and thousands of others) with open source blogging tools…and you have the audacity to give them away! Shame on you…

  20. I just read the article, and here’s my take:

    To each his own. Let him rant on all he wants, and people who like WordPress, and have seen all of its features can continue using it.

    I haven’t had any troubles with WP at all during the year or so that I’ve used it.

    He was referring to, though, which I decided not to use because I didn’t like a few things about it…hmm…

  21. matt didn’t create WordPress, he stole or whatever the new buzz word is, the code and adapted it for his use and is profiting off of it. If I were the owner of the Original code and I knew what he was doing, I’d sue his ass in court for profits. and I’m sure Matt’s making a nice wad of cash…..on a piece of stolen PHP code. How charming and Original.

    Clearly a well-researched piece of writing. Prepare for the resulting massive WordPress-to-Blogger exodus of 2007.

  22. Ah yes, everyone knows that the technology you choose decides the hackability of your product. It clearly has nothing to do with the popularity or codebase.

  23. Herm, he’s got some ego issues of his own, I’d say. Plus, his site is HIDEOUS. Doesn’t matter where you host your site or what ground breaking content you have, if your site is as hideous as that guys — and the majority of Blogger sites, really — nobody is going to stick around long enough to read it. Who wants to view a page that makes your eyes bleed? And he can’t lay out a Benjamin for one year’s worth of hosting somewhere? So, basically, he’s complaining about something he’s getting for free? Really? I hope he has a day job to fall back on because I’m not seeing great things for that business of his. And I’m not just saying this because I’ve been with WP for years without incident. Or because I can change my layout quickly and painlessly with WP and if I get stuck there’s tons of support out there. Or because spam isn’t something I even have to think about with WP. Or because I came to WP from Blogger years ago out of sheer frustration. I say that because I am an arrogant WP user who thinks she’s better than him. And that, friends and neighbors, that is the best gift of all!

  24. Just another blog geek! Maybe cyber community should invent a word describing these guys, cause geek is not really suitable. Geek has nothing with money!
    Matt, keep going on. You and the rest of team did a great job.

  25. Yep, from those comments you can really see this guy has some serious programming experience.
    I love the PHP analogy though. So it’s the language that’s insecure right… hmmm, I wonder what Windows is written in. I hope that language isn’t used to much either then, being so insecure and all…

  26. Goodness, what a terrible, foul-mouthed link *that* was. And he claims that *he* isn’t elitist but has absolutely no qualms about ripping somebody else apart with language fit only for sewage.

  27. Fun read. πŸ™‚ Sounds like somebody is seriously pissed because you guys shutdown his splog. Good for you. Doesn’t sound like getting rid of him was a mistake.

    There’d be so much to reply to that guy to try and educate him, but I am sure he wouldn’t want to hear (I think people already tried).

  28. Oh lord – why are people compelled to shout out mis-information as fact?

    Good thing we have Blogger’s trueblueness to save us, whew.

  29. It’s funny how nowadays everyone on the web thinks he/she is a coder, a photographer, and a web designer.

    That guy only embarrassed himself by talking about things he has no idea about.

    But then again, Matt, you got to do something about WordPress source code. Everyone knows how spaghetti WordPress is on the inside, I admit it’s good on the outside (UI etc).

  30. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I find that quite funny. The link between the XHTML/XML not being ‘valid’ and PHP/hacking is fantastic, I’m still chuckling about it.

  31. You’re above linking to lame-asses like that Matt. I know you don’t know me but come on brother… don’t give those type of people any more air-time than they deserve. Which in that guy’s case is probably none.

  32. Work has already begun to ensure version WordPress 3.0 will be in True Blue XML.

    …as a reaction to this guy, or was this planned some time ago? If it’s the former, puh-leeze don’t bother. If it’s the latter, what are the advantages?

  33. I tried to leave a comment on his blog about open source and all that jazz, but in safari, clicking on (or tabbing to) any of the form fields makes them disappear. I guess that’s ironic…

  34. For the record, Matt, I think WP is awesome, and I have also tried both Blogger and WP, as well as MT. WP is the best. You were awesome in your restraint. It’s hard to resist not being defensive.

  35. That’s silly. The language doesn’t make apps easy to hack – bad coding does. Anyone who has used both WordPress and phpBB know they aren’t even in the same universe in terms of application security.

  36. I’m so glad the next WordPress releases will finally implement True Blue XML!
    (Even though as a wannabe ecologist I would push more for Green XML, that uses less trees and saves the DOM children.)

    If I were the owner of the Original code and I knew what he was doing, I’d sue his ass in court for profits. and I’m sure Matt’s making a nice wad of cash

    Hey that’s me!
    So Matt, got any cash? I was thinking of buying that remote island in the caribbean…

  37. “””Β¦matt didn’t create WordPress, he stole”Β¦”
    Is he from the same blue planet as I am?”

    He must be referring to Matt using the old B2 code after the dev ceased working on it. But the B2 code is long gone from the WordPress codebase from what I can see. It only lives on in my “b2_” prefixes in my table.

  38. people, you’re way too serious… it was just a good troll, and it’s a shame the author is such a coward and took it offline πŸ˜›

  39. I think this post would be better with just the link and the citation with nothing added. It speaks for itself, especially once you read the full cached version. He made another post on the subject, which is equally stupid. Good thing he let us in on the secret info that WordPress is PHP, I was blind all this time, you guys really pulled a fast one on me.

  40. Thanks for the cached version. It makes so little sense that my head is spinning. I’ve got that feeling that I have to say something…just don’t know where to start.


  41. Seems like so much blood, sweat and tears has gone into the WP script and yet you guys still offer it to us completely free of charge.

    I have been using WP on my own server for quite some time and I haven’t had any problems. [Have I just invited trouble to my doorstep?]

    There will always be people happy to critisize things that others do, it’s in some people nature. Looks like you have the right attitude towards such people though πŸ™‚

    Gemma x

  42. Who is this “populist” guy anyway? Based on the look-and-feel of his blog and his grammar, he appears as being a 13 y old kid just migrating from a PS3 to a desktop computer .. Ignore his ramblings, they are not even worth commenting.

    I have recently spent a a couple of weeks evaluating different open-source blog and forum packages compatible with an Apache/Linux server environment. WP is by far the best package I’ve looked at and tested. It is feature rich, open, has a great and living user community and is easy to set up, use and administer. Keep up the good work!

  43. Heh! I used to be on b2evolution and was hacked this past July 2006. Never AGAIN! When I put up a new site in Nov. of 2006 using WordPress, there have been two attempts-unsuccessfully. Obviously they did not know what they are doing OR although WordPress is PHP based you know what you are doing. I am pleased with WP-infact I love it! I am looking forward to the upgrade. I would love to see a site that is totally hack free-if possible.

    I lost a lot when I was hacked. Will never go through that again. I keep backups of course. But hackers are EVIL and whatever you do Matt to improve WP it is completely appreciated!