Disappearing SSD

As some of you may remember, I’ve been using a 32gb solid state drive in my desktop for a bit not, and I’ve been happy with it. Enough so that I was ready to make the jump to take apart my laptop and retrofit it with a SSD, and Toni was brave enough to volunteer as well. One problem — they’ve disappeared. All of the stores that I could previously find it from don’t have them anymore. Where did all the SSDs go? BTW the best news source I’ve found for SSDs is Engadget’s tag page.

8 thoughts on “Disappearing SSD

  1. What do you think? Apple is putting these in the revamped PowerBooks, er.. MacBook Pros. Along w/LED backlighting to impress people.
    They’ll be released at WWDC or the end of Summer.

  2. Mark, 32gb is more than enough for everything I do on a laptop.

    Paul, wow that’s almost double what I paid for mine last month.

  3. Holy crap that’s expensive! Even for half the price listed there ($1000/2 so $500) is still damn expensive for a 32GB drive that doesn’t seem to have spectacular read/write speeds, although access times are amazing.

    Is it worth it? How much performance benefit is there actually over a 150GB Raptor?