WordPress Party

The party Monday is on Upcoming, and also got some coverage at Laughing Squid with a bit of historical perspective. Also next week on Thursday is the NewTeeVee Pier Screening, which looks like it’s going to be a fun event.

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Speaking of parties and stuff, I saw a black WordPress shirt a while back that I absolutely adored, however whoever was offering them was sold out or something like that. As a little suggestion, you guys should start a WordPress store offering things like books people have written, t-shirts, pens and pencils and gift type items. A little place where all of us wordpress addicts can go to purchase stuff.

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Hey Matty, good to see you the other day.

I wanted to say that I’m in Berlin right now and I randomly met this traveler at an East Berlin subway station. He’s a Scottish web designer, and he says he loves WordPress and uses it for all his clients.

Yay! x