Flickr Switches to WP

The official Flickr blog has switched from Typepad to become a VIP and introduced some cool language features in the process. We’re all such big fans of Flickr and their team it’s been a real pleasure to work with them and have them on WordPress.

20 thoughts on “Flickr Switches to WP

  1. Wow! Congrats to both parts. I wonder how did you manage to make the languages work like that, it would be wonderful if this approach could be somehow ported to the wordpress community. It is by far the best bilingual approach I’ve seen so far.

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  4. WordPress or you are proud to have a social media services with censorship on his board!


    flickr considered German like China and censored their own photos!

    and you are proud!

    please why you are proud to have a company without ethics an board

    I can’t understand..


  5. wordpress doesn’t have anything to do with their censoring, it’s too far to even call it a stretch — or maybe we should not use sony or cannon cameras anymore because they too are used as tools on flickr for their content…

    but I do agree the censoring is a shame.