Headache or Bullet?

Man goes to hospital for headache, discovers bullet. Haven’t we all had those days?

13 thoughts on “Headache or Bullet?

  1. How do you not wake up immediately after getting shot in the head? I mean, even if you didn’t feel any immediate pain, wouldn’t a close-range gunshot be loud enough to wake you up? I just can’t imagine not realizing you’ve been shot. Giant hole in the head, constant bleeding, possible loss of motor control…oh, it’s just a headache.

  2. I got passed that, with the warning “You don’t own any guns do you?”

    You’ve got to feel for the wife who attempts to kill her husband, fails, cleans it up, and then has to drive him into the hospital because of his headache. Damn hard head there. And she’s going to be having just a little bit of explaining to do.

    BTW – Why didn’t he wake up on being shot?

  3. Uh, guys are you sure you haven’t been shot in the head? “Why didn’t he wake up on being shot?” Usually, getting shot in the head puts you to sleep — permanently. Don’t you think there is a slight possibility that a bullet impacting your head would render you unconsious, even if you are already asleep?

  4. Matt, whats kind of funny is that you referenced a BBC story for something that happened in Florida. Are you using the BBC website so make sure you get a different perspective on the news? I use it for the music.

  5. I like linking to the BBC as opposed to something like Yahoo News because I know the BBC link will always work, where most Yahoo news stories seem to expire.