Screencast and Videoblogging

The Show in a Box project has made a screencast called How To Install And Setup WordPress. According to Jay Dedman, “ is our new project to help videobloggers simply download a folder, install, turn on plugins, and choose a theme. All open source. Basically make the “ultimate videoblogging platform using WordPress”. It’ll showcase videos using vPIP, build a visual archive, help with categories, and offer a community funding mechanism.” Cool!

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Wow…a true pleasure to meet you…I have posted the first of 3 videos from the meetup today. It was surreal for me b/c I had blogged about you in early June…and this was my first meetup in the city (in-process of moving from ATL to SF).

Below is the 3rd of 3 videos taken while John D and I were there…I had to split one up…so #1 and #2 are coming soon.

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