WPMU-based Social Network

Chickspeak is a WordPress MU based social network. “I recently completed my biggest project yet; a fully fledged social network aimed at female college students. The difference? It’s built on WordPress MU.”

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hey Matt,

As a wordpress user, I’d really be excited to see MU go the way of the Movable Type Community platform, but of course using WordPress’s own way of doing things. Andy’s BuddyPress seems quite promising, but it seems WordPress itself should put out something more socially capable for him and others to work with. A non-free version with that type of social platform capability would be reasonable in my opinion. Cheers!

[…] blog. He didn’t give too many details other than these: Some of you may remember when I wrote about Chickspeak, a WordPress MU-based social network. Andy Peatling, the fellow behind it, later decided to […]

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