14 thoughts on “APP Goes Gold

  1. Sorry for being pedantic but that’s not yet a Real Standard, that’s still “just” an I-D albeit the final one, hopefully. It should soon get an RFC number which will make it a Real Standard.

  2. Sam, does that code meet your approval for APP input, output, and compatibility? Right now I’m working on the plugin update system so I don’t have a ton of time to test.

  3. Matt,

    Now that APP is done, we can give WP-APP another big push and get it to where it should be. We just need your support and yours or any other’s committer time to keep committing the changes. Unless, you want a BIG patch from Pete and I.

    If in Sam you trust, he could our reviewer. 😉

  4. I totally trust Sam, and if he has time to put the stamp on it then I could fast track it.

    In your last comment you mention something about PHP4 vs 5 issues, are those all worked out now?

  5. Thanks, Matt. We now have it in writing.

    PHP4 vs 5 is not a language syntax, but more an XML parser issue. Especially, since PHP can be compiled with a few different XML parsers. I think we’ll just have to do our best to test, but I haven’t worked on it since that ticket, because there wasn’t much activity on it.

    I’ll ping Sam and get him a Trac userid and if he comments on it, tell your lieutenants it’s a go. Deal?

  6. There’s no deal or not, there’s just a lack of people with the knowledge or ability of testing the code properly within our normal contributors. It’s a fair amount of new interaction and it needs to be checked for security, compatibility, and clearing up some things like why it uses its own redirect function. 🙂

  7. Matt I totally understand how much it needs to be checked for security, compatibility, etc. I definitely don’t know WP enough to make sure it integrates perfectly, but WP-APP as-is is worse than if we submitted fixes to it. In other words, it could only get better.

    I can tell how busy you and the other WP committers are and I can tell you care about this, but I’m not sure how do you want to proceed.