Fake Steve Unmasked

The New York Times has figured out who the blogger is behind Fake Steve Jobs, and even links to his personal WordPress.com blog. I had no idea we had FSJ in our midst. Mr Lyons, if you’d ever like to move the blog to WordPress we’d be happy to make you a VIP.

11 thoughts on “Fake Steve Unmasked

  1. Personally, I think the New York Times are a bunch of jerks for unmasking him. I also think Valleywag is made up of a bunch of pricks as they hounded and hounded upon this guy trying to be the first to unmask him. Now that we know who Fake Steve Jobs is, let’s see this persons blog plummet as no one will really care anymore.

    All in all, I’m just pretty upset that the whole Fake Steve Jobs thing is ruined.

  2. Sometimes not knowing is better. Sometimes journalists value the spotlight more than the story. This is one of those ‘sometimes’.

    Fake Steve was only ever funny because he was ‘unknown’, thus was able to say and do things based on the relative safety of anonymity – I can’t help but expect that the ‘outing’ will fundamentally change what gets posted via FS.

  3. Forbes magazine writer? I didn’t think anyone creative worked at Forbes. Worst thing is that they planned to take it over in September anyways. Did they think anyone would read it once it was revealed?