IIS Authentication Plugin

IIS Authentication plugin for the WordPress PHP blogging engine. So wrong, yet so right.

3 thoughts on “IIS Authentication Plugin

  1. Hehe, I’ll take it. I have a couple more of these in the pipeline, so if you think I am violating some unwritten / religious rule by combining WordPress and IIS7, please let me know 🙂

    Otherwise, prepare to enjoy the newly minted marriage of PHP and IIS.



  2. That’s awesome! I am excited for IIS 7 which really is a great server. I used to be anti-everything MS until I started working in a .NET shop. The Microsoft development framework is actually quite impressive. IIS 7 will also allow open source languages to play nicely together.

    I have a dream (dramatic pause) that one day we could leverage the strengths of .NET, PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc all on one platform. Oh wait, we’re already getting there!