On Cranky Geeks

I was on episode #76 of Cranky Geeks with John Dvorak, Sebastian Rupley, and Om Malik. We talked about Bubble 2.0, unions, iPhones, and vasectomies. This episode was a lot of fun and I suggest checking it out.

8 replies on “On Cranky Geeks”

  1. Dvorak was cool, and will always be Cool, btw, matt I Love Unions!!!

    Historically they have accomplished a lot for the common man.

    Nowadays just like any huge bureacracy, most of them seem self serving.

    However at the coal face esp in industries where you have a lot of low paid workers, and exlploitation Can be rife, due to the uneveness in bargining postions, Unions are Needed

  2. Just wanted to say that Matt, you had a couple of good one liners that really stumped the cast! The first one was hilarious. Great job on the show, I look forward to more episodes with you as a guest.

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