Pibb is Web meets IRC

Pibb is a really interesting-looking chat website. Think IRC meets Meebo, with permalinks, RSS, and other cool stuff like that. It’s fast! You can sign in with your WordPress.com URL as your OpenID. They say Ma.gnolia.com is using it for support, that could be interesting. Someone already started a WordPress channel.

5 thoughts on “Pibb is Web meets IRC

  1. I’ve just started using Pibb as our new forum after migrating the site to WP from Tumblr. There’s also a Pibb comments plug-in, but I had trouble getting it to work without a “fatal error” occurring.

    What I like about Pibb is that it can function as both a message board and a chat app. It also allows for formatting in HTML including photos/links/tables. It’s pretty swell.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Sorry for the belated comment, but I wanted to say thanks for the post! If anyone has any questions you can reach me on Pibb my OpenID is kfox.myopenid.com.

    Thanks for the support everyone!