Tim Ferriss Interview

I was interviewed by Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Workweek on “Simplicity and Start-up Alchemy.” It turned out a little denser and more intellectual than most of my interviews.

10 thoughts on “Tim Ferriss Interview

  1. Great interview – in all honesty, I’m surprised you’re #16 – with the way blogging is going, I bet you crack the top 10 very soon. Congrats on all that you and Automattic have done! I’m a firm believer that WP is the way to go for both blogs and websites (based on CMS).

  2. I found your comments on simplicity ironic considering wordpress has helped add another bazillion pages of information on the internet.

    Never the less I did agree with those simplicity ideas and admire what you’ve achieved with wordpress.

    I think you make to much of the hotnacho (ancient history) thing though and also other open source softwares embedded links. (If they want to do that and it works for them good luck to them)

    After all the internet is hardly some kind of moral bastion of purity.

  3. Great interview! I found the link through the dashboard. I use your image rotator and just discovered you invented WordPress. I’m a big fan of the thing. Great work. Enjoy the accomplishment.

  4. “I try to imagine code like the poetry of T.S. Eliot, where words can work on many levels but their economy is paramount. To remind me of this, I sometimes code in a large serif font like Georgia rather than the traditional fixed-width font.”

    One of the many reasons I’m glad to be using WordPress.

  5. I never bothered to click on your snippets at the WordPress dashboard, because your blog link reads “photomatt” and i though this was some sort of photography blog that also blogged about WordPress. I had no idea you are the founder of WordPress. Wow! I’m still wondering how is it i’ve not seen your name before, or how is it i just found this out today.

    Well, i just wanted to say, Thanxs.

  6. Matt, thanks for putting such a great product together. I have been using WordPress for several years now and each day come up with new uses.

    I’m just finishing putting together an ebook on how assemble websites based on Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek book. It uses WordPress, plugins, and themes to build these sites. I will drop you an email when they are done.

    Thanks again for all the great work you have done with WordPress.