Foundread Public Square

Foundread, a great site for entrepreneurs from the GigaOM crew, has switched to from Public Square. Public Square is a CMS from Cucina Media that most famously powers the information architecture site Boxes and Arrows, which I believe was previously run on Drupal.

7 thoughts on “Foundread Public Square

  1. I don’t agree with the claim at PublicSquare that their features are “firsts”. A long-standing gripe of yours truly is that “third generation” platforms like WordPress didn’t bring forward “first” or “second” generation features from systems like Usenet or forums like and

    PublicSquare does look pretty nice though — it’s nice that these features are coming back into the mainstream. But I feel that the good work of previous thinkers and coders sometimes get overlooked in the rush to synergise this and radically paradigm-shift that.

  2. I’d also add that I don’t like hosted apps, no matter how super-duper. Every successful platform of any decent longevity opens its source and allows third-party installations. Every single one. People want control over their installations. Compuserve had features Usenet didn’t; guess which is still around. Various sites tried to recreate the Slashdot experience during the first bubble, all that’s left are the Aeron chairs. No fully-hosted app has lasted out a decade yet.