Best Open Source Social Networking CMS

WordPress Wins Best Open Source Social Networking CMS. “Packt is pleased to reveal that WordPress is the first winner of the 2007 Open Source CMS Award, picking up the best Open Source Social Networking Content Management System. In a very close category, WordPress came out in front of Elgg and Drupal, who finished joint second.” Yay!

61 thoughts on “Best Open Source Social Networking CMS

  1. I find the “social networking” part fascinating.

    How many CMS’ are designed with social networking in mind, in the first place?

    Basically, wordpress’ ping feature was awarded.

  2. Wow, that’s good news to read. I’m glad I’m using WordPress as my CMS. Let’s just hope it keeps evolving into a better and more powerfull CMS. ^_^

  3. Hey! Congratulations, Matt!
    More power to WordPress and to all you guys! Regards to Maya!
    Sending you the T-Shirt very very soon by the way. Before Christmas definitely!
    Cheers! πŸ˜›

  4. Matt, that was obvious since wordpress is used and promoted by millions of web users and its the lowest buggy script ever made.
    Congrats to the wordpress team πŸ™‚

  5. > Could someone provide an example of a Social Networking Site using WordPress as its CMS?

    As far as I know there aren’t any.

    No disrespect to WordPress, but “Social Networking CMS” is not a category WordPress belongs to. I haven’t seen a single social network site built on WordPress, let alone a successful one.

  6. I’m with Pundit, this really does seem pretty suspect. doesn’t even support avatars without a complicated plugin, and the default “author pages” just show that author’s pages inside the normal loop, they dont’ even clearly label the page as a user’s work. Also, comments aren’t tracked at all in terms of user’s who posted them, and the comment link goes to the user’s website, not their profile page.

    It seems like the voting was almost definitely skewed by the fact that WordPress.COM is a great social networking site, because of the user integration and portal views you’ve added to it. But even WPMU doesn’t have any of that, it just treats everyone as a blog.

    I think the award goes to as a social networking site, but isn’t deserved because the award is for an open source CMS, and isn’t a CMS, it’s a site. If “wordpress” can win this award then why not Facebook, since it’s just as open source (runs on php and Linux), and just as much not a CMS (you can’t download it and take advantage of it’s social networking properties).

    Maybe, just maybe, Milorad was right and WP got it for having good Trackback functionality, but that seems so farfetched that I can’t take it seriously. Trackbacks are complicated and most people don’t understand them unless they are pros, so even positing that they are good for ‘social networking’ in general is pretty heavy-handed, let alone that WPs implementation is outstanding enough to win an award.

  7. Social network? thats a stretch for something that can’t even do simple line breaks. a good blogging tool at best. Movable Type rocks them all

  8. Since this was a CMS award I can see how the results might have been close (not purely a blogging award). Goes to show what you can do with WordPress.

  9. Matt are you going to get gravatars into that Opensocial from Google some how?

    Gravatars would be a cool place to have a centralized profile. And what would be cool is if you could be like an OpenID where you sign in with Gravatars to all kinds of blog platforms.

  10. WordPress has been by far the easiest content management platform to use. It’s success, I believe, is based on the ease of use, not to mention tons of themes that are available. One should also note that the open source allows for developers to customize the ‘blog’ allowing widgets to be included in WordPress.


  11. Well Deserved! Seeing the future ahead, we need to make it even better more evolutionary to make wordpress a sustainable product for next 5 years. How about adapting to OpenSocial standards?