In Argentina

WordCamp Argentina finished up today and was a fantastic event, great turnout too. Congrats to the many people who contributed to its success. I haven’t seen any coverage in English yet, but I expect that and photos soon. I’m in Buenos Aires until Sunday night so looking forward to exploring the city much more.

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Hey Matt! It was great to have you here… I hope that this was not a one time thing and that you’ll be back again sometime 😉

Check the “wordcamp” tag on Flickr, there are some pics there…

BTW, I’m the guy with the shirt 😛

Hey Matt! Great to meet you yesterday. Wordcamp was great. I will make sure to blog that (in English and in Spanish ASAP…kind of lagging on that). Enjoy Buenos Aires!

Matt, a real pleasure to have met you there. I’ve not seen practically any coverage in English whatsoever. I’ll be happy to translate some of it, just let me know what kind of reviews you want translated and I’ll give you a hand. If you can get along with an automatic translation, I’d suggest taking a look at Fabio (that compared WordCamp to a Nokia event being held at the same time).

There sure was a lot more coverage than the one I read. If you want to, drop me a line and I’ll translate a few lines of each post about this I can read so that you know or you can publish.

Once again, thanks for coming and sharing your experience with all of us

The next time I post here I will do it with a link to Es Evidente powered by WordPress.
You`re such an amazing guy. Thank you 🙂

Tengo mucho celoso! Visiting Buenos Aires was the best overseas trip I’ve every taken. The people, food, and culture were exotic and fabulous.

If you’re interested in seeing tango skip the touristy shows and visit La Viruta Tango in Palermo. It’s a neighbor tango place with great food. You can sit back and watch locals of all levels dance, and join in as well. A local took me there and it was quite memorable