Comment Moderation Notifier

The WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier puts a little thing in your Windows mini-icon tray that let’s you know when you have a new comment, much like Outlook or Thunderbird do with email. Cool! Now we just need a Mac version, maybe using Growl? Update: There is now a Mac version.

25 replies on “Comment Moderation Notifier”

That’s all I want to see, tons of notifications every second letting me know their is a new spam comment. Although, does this only display a notifier if the comment is published onto the site or if their is a comment in the queue?

It’s really great that you are thinking about users who has chosen other system than MS Windows. From the comment (ping) above I can see that Mac version of notifier is already done. It would be great if there would be also a version for Linux users.

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