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The WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier puts a little thing in your Windows mini-icon tray that let’s you know when you have a new comment, much like Outlook or Thunderbird do with email. Cool! Now we just need a Mac version, maybe using Growl? Update: There is now a Mac version.

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Very cool, would be nice to use that kind of software instead of filling the inbox with “X is awaiting moderation” messages. πŸ™

And yes, a Mac version would rock, agreed.

I’m really mixed about this one. Since I get comments via email, I can easily tell when someone posted a comment. If it gave me some sort of new data (perhaps mine technorati, blog search etc. for incoming references to your blog) it would be more useful to me.

I was looking around for something like this. The only Growl notifier that I’m aware of, is the Growl Pepper for Mint. But, I consider that Mint, not WordPress — thus, less scalable to enhancing new plug-ins, as The Geek suggests. He also suggests that it can be ported to Linux and Mac.

That’s all I want to see, tons of notifications every second letting me know their is a new spam comment. Although, does this only display a notifier if the comment is published onto the site or if their is a comment in the queue?

It’s really great that you are thinking about users who has chosen other system than MS Windows. From the comment (ping) above I can see that Mac version of notifier is already done. It would be great if there would be also a version for Linux users.

Thanks for the link!

If anybody would like to modify the Windows client to support multiple blogs, drop me an email and I’ll send the source over.

I’d do it myself but I just don’t have the time.

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