Fruit Bowl

WordPress founder to use million-dollar trumpet as fruit bowl. Ah, the internet. If you thought this was real, don’t feel too bad, I got a call from my mother about it. 🙂

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And here I was going to pass you over to an auction for Glen Miller’s Trombone so you have a flower vase.

Do me a favor… If you ever had even a thought spending a million on Lois’ Trumpet… do me a favor and talk to a collector first. Don’t let yourself be robbed… 😛

Did your ex-girlfriend that dumped you for other has call you to tell you how wrong she was about leaving you and how big mistake she did? =)

(No offence, it’s my specific sense of humor.)

“Matt’s stated intention to use the trumpet as a fruit bowl in the $7 million mansion he’s thinking of buying in San Francisco’s exclusive Pacific Heights.”
They’ve missed the $1 million office in Buenos Aires’ exclusive Puerto Madero. 🙂
Waiting to have you back here, in the meantime I’ve moved my blog as promised.
Congrats for the very nice fruit bowl!

Fruit in a trumpet

Nice response to the Matt Mullenweg “trumpet as fruit bowl” post over at Odelbee. Matt was kind enough to post a link to the story on his blog, which has driven lots of traffic over the past couple of days. Also some decent StumbleUpon acti…

You have to give the writer credit for a VERY active imagination. Where did he come up with that??!! It might work for berries, though.