25 replies on “Fruit Bowl”

  1. And here I was going to pass you over to an auction for Glen Miller’s Trombone so you have a flower vase.

    Do me a favor… If you ever had even a thought spending a million on Lois’ Trumpet… do me a favor and talk to a collector first. Don’t let yourself be robbed… 😛

  2. Did your ex-girlfriend that dumped you for other has call you to tell you how wrong she was about leaving you and how big mistake she did? =)

    (No offence, it’s my specific sense of humor.)

  3. “Matt’s stated intention to use the trumpet as a fruit bowl in the $7 million mansion he’s thinking of buying in San Francisco’s exclusive Pacific Heights.”
    They’ve missed the $1 million office in Buenos Aires’ exclusive Puerto Madero. 🙂
    Waiting to have you back here, in the meantime I’ve moved my blog as promised.
    Congrats for the very nice fruit bowl!

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  5. You have to give the writer credit for a VERY active imagination. Where did he come up with that??!! It might work for berries, though.

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