Kindle Easter Eggs

Kindle Easter Eggs: We have GPS. (Sort of.) I’ve been using my Kindle heavily for a few weeks now and have a mini-review forthcoming.

4 thoughts on “Kindle Easter Eggs

  1. Pay for blog feeds? Yuck! But then again, that’s what my computers are for, I guess. =) My boyfriend is getting me a Kindle as my belated Christmas Gift (they were out of stock when he tried to order one), and I’m psyched! I love to read, but never think to take a bulky book with me. This is SOOO going to be my new favorite gadget. I know it! =) I’m looking forward to the review!

  2. Wickedly Cool Bean – A lot of people are up in arms about ‘paying for blogs’ on the Kindle but they don’t realize the model behind this strategy. Amazon has to pay Sprint for the use of bandwidth on their EVDO cell network. When you buy a book or periodical, a small portion of that cost is going to Sprint to cover the wireless delivery of the content. In the case of blogs, they need a way to capture back the wireless costs. Of course the alternative is for Amazon to charge the consumer a monthly subscription like a cell phone for use of the wireless network. You pay for you internet connection at home and at WiFi hot spots — but you don’t pay for it with the Kindle.

    If you want to read blogs for free on the Kindle, I recommend using Google’s mobile reader with the Kindle. It works pretty well…