The Notcot group of sites, like NOTCOT.ORG, display information in an interesting way. Very compelling and well done. Not new, but new to me.

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That is an interesting way of displaying data. I don’t like the fact that the text is so small and on some parts of the page, there looks to be some disorganization with all of the pagination being displayed.

The ability to display a bunch of information on page while maintaining good looks without making the reader feel overwhelmed is a difficult task.

Know of any sites that you think successfully pull this off?

It’s always nice to see new pages launched for artists and blogger alike. A lot of these images are just great, and the layout is very unique.

Thanks for the link, Matt.

I am most familiar with the tastespotting part of the notcot site. I get LOADS of traffic from the site when someone ELSE posts an illegal screengrab/download of pics from my blog (

I do not know really how to frame this in my mind because 1) there is the traffic and 2) there is the damage to photographer’s rights as more people get the message that photographs are rights-free (my blog is clearly labeled as all rights reserved). As a food photographer, this is not an academic concept.

I didnt have a huge issue with tastespotting because they were ad-free, until recently. I still have some good will toward it because the images are clearly linked to my blog (they do not allow to-flickr links, a good thing because that would bypass my blog and I would not get a good handle on where my images were linking in from). They also do not hot-link so my server is not impacted. Finally, there is a community of sorts there who are expressing some level of creativity based on their sense of food style/taste.

My jury is still out!

i think it depends on size etc .. in re copyright and derivative works .. one is not “infringing” if a derivation you do has 10% or less of original work by another (like a collage)

these are not derivative works, they are 100% my (or others work) and used as sole draw for commerce (beyond the intangible concept of the variable collective collage of a page at any moment in time)