Crunchies Win

The Crunchies were tonight, and we were fortunate enough to win in two categories, WordPress for Most Likely to Succeed and Toni Schneider for a well-deserved Best Startup CEO. My heart was racing a thousand beats a minute going up to the stage, which never happens anymore, but I think because there were so many people I knew, and so many startups that I liked there, that it was different. Congratulations to the entire WordPress community for this win. Just wait until they see 2.5. 🙂 Update: If you want to see the shortest company introduction ever and me dork out on stage, check out this video and seek to 33:40.

25 replies on “Crunchies Win”

Well done to all concerned. This came as no surprise to most of us. Version 2.5 is keenly awaited by everyone. Judging from what I have managed to find to read on this new version, it is going to be worth the wait.