3 thoughts on “Different Approach to Tagging

  1. You might already know this, but there is a great plugin called “simple tags” that provides this feature in a convenient function called “st_related_posts()” for WordPress. Easy to try if you want something like this on your blog


    I’m using it for my tags on my “shopping blog” with some success–and the rest of the tag editing features it provides are very useful too.

  2. Hyperlinkage (the core mechanism of the Internet) immediately produced persistent navigation-challenges. With a wealth of choice & flexibility, came complexity & complications.

    Navigation-tradeoff issues will always merit & reward quality-attention. The discussion Matt links to here, nicely illustrates certain important principles and options, which most WordPress users will benefit from looking at.

    Whether the particular method shown here helps your site-navigation, depends on the nature & purpose of your content. For the predominant chronological Blog-structure, which tends to unfortunately ‘deprecate’ older posts, this looks like a very useful tactic.

  3. I don’t like what that guy has done. It’s simply too messy. I prefer the way I used in my (new weblog) Philosophy Quest. d:

    Tags are converted to “topics”, and categories to “sections”, and there are no more date archives. Semantics over dates is the future. (: