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Wikia Search is pretty darn cool. Not sure what I was expecting, I guess I assumed that search would be much harder than doing a wiki. The “Visvo” index seems good enough for daily search use. Their social networking stuff is clean too, here’s my profile — please add me as a friend! (I hope those links work post-alpha.) If they can pull off an open source ranking algorithm… that’s pretty exciting.

18 thoughts on “Wikia Search

  1. The social network is *very* interesting. Especially the “trust level” thing. Could they implement the “web of trust”? If they do it right, the could become the most important digital identity certification authority out there. (but… where’s the PGP field? πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I think a popular open source search engine is exactly what the web needs right now.

  3. Yes, no slam on Google et al, but We ought to be more involved in Search & Ranking. I went to the front page, tried ‘wordpress plugin’, and was invited to start a Mini Article – no results. Tried ‘wordpress’ – same. I’m not the guy to do this – but it’s there!

    I signed up ok, but then couldn’t login or do profile. Looked like they’re saving the servers for signups. πŸ˜‰

  4. Using it is simple enough, but the results are not very good. My test search I always do “home improvement” returns 7/10 affiliate pages rather than valuable sites, whereas Google only returns 1/10.

    Without relevant results, how valuable is the engine and social pieces?

  5. For some reason i can’t get the link you your profile to work. I signed up for an account. This looks like it’s going to be awesome!

    Thanks Matt for always bringing new things to my attention!


  6. Oh, is it finally out? I wonder if I’ll be able to submit any sites there? I’m always blocked at wikipedia. Not that I have much I want to add to wikipedia but every now and then I find an entry that I could contribute to that has some serious omissions that I know about. πŸ™

    Anyway, I’ve been curious to see just how this wiki search thang will pan out. πŸ™‚

  7. @matt l. for sure, but grub has been around forever. dont you think a simple spam filter would have been useful prior to launching a product. I think the concept is interesting, but search engine spam will always be an issue without filters (two disclaimers: 1) I used to own a search marketing agency, so the first thing I always think about with a new search engine is how easy will it be to game; and 2) I work for a blog search company – Lijit, which is NOT a search engine, but tries to solve the relevancy issue through a smaller search universe and trust relationships).

    I would love to see human powered search engines exist and grow; I just know that spam filtering has to be the highest priority or else the search engine will never be successful.

  8. Why you ban me,
    is not for me to say what i thing?

    ban”I signed up, but what is really new on wikia that we don’t have with google?”/ban

    ++ for now the result are (in wikia) dmoz listed site plus some other website.

    ++ google is also collaborative

    ++ google have a rating sistem

    ++ google have coop

    ++ and also (in webmaster tools) Report spam in our index and Report paid links

    ++ plus ten years of experience