Youtube for Gamers

If you’re a computer gamer you should check out WeGame, a game video site from my friend Jared Kim. It’s beta so it’s just a taste of what’s to come, but you can read what Techcrunch thought. WeGame is the only company besides Sphere that I’ve elected to be an adviser to.

13 thoughts on “Youtube for Gamers

  1. Sweet. I’m a gamer … not as avid as I’d like. But this site looks sweet – ctrl-d all the way!

    Thanks. Good to see WordPress as the blog too. Any idea what back end your friend is using for the general architecture?

  2. There’s this “social networking site for gamers” that I chanced upon a few months back but I cannot seem to recall what it is. All I can remember are the following:

    The website had a very minimalist look
    One of the features is that it gave its users flexibility to change the design and layout of their profile page
    On the first page there is a quote that goes something like “… gaming websites don’t have to be dark …” and the website used a very clean, white theme

  3. i don’t know if it’s just me but, everytime i click a link from a website that links into a wordpress blog (example this wegame blog), i get a white page with the words “invalid key”. it has happened a few times so what gives?

    anyway wegame is a nice idea, but i still don’t lke the idea that when you say “gamers”, tabletop gamers are disregarded.

  4. Hey Matt !!! I just love WordPress.I wanna become a teen entrepreneur just like you.
    Just wanted to tell you that even i wrote a review of WEGame. and the best part is that i have used the same title ” You tube for gamers !!”
    DO check it out ! thanx !