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Thank you to everyone who came out for the keynote this morning at Northern Voice, it was a real pleasure to reconnect with the Canadian tech scene and meet everyone.

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  1. matt, thanks for coming! your keynote was great! I know lots of people were talking about the “taste of freedom” and what that means on several levels. and, the cool thing about Northern Voice is that it’s not a purely tech-scene conference, but is this weird hybrid tech/community/politics/education hive activity. lots of fun.

  2. I think either the slides or the audio in isolation would be a bad experience, I’ll put up a link if anyone has either a video or synchronized slides/audio.

  3. Hey Matt–

    Was great meeting you this weekend (even though I was feeling like a ball of muck this morning)! Don’t be a stranger, the Vancouverites loved having you here. 🙂


  4. I found your keynote positively inspiring. You answered my questions before I had a chance to ask them which is the key to a great presentation. The conference in general opened my eyes to what open source does / will do for the web and your speech sealed the deal. Even as a beginner I feel much better equipped to give creating a try. Thank you! (May the universe bless you and everything you do for creating wordpress, a true contribution to the evolution of a wide open human consciousness.)

  5. It really was an outstanding keynote. I’ve seen every Northern Voice keynote but one, and I think this was the best so far of a very good group.

    Northern Voice isn’t really a tech conference. It’s got developers, users, educators, marketers, and even (as I learned) several civilians who are just curious about blogs. That presentation was accessible, informative, and inspiring for people from all backgrounds. I talked to one guy who signed up for a blog WHILE you were talking.

  6. True. I’ve got to post that Moose mosaic they put together: the Moosecamp logo from 1600 pictures of NV. It was really clear in Nancy White’s Drawing on Walls talk that there are a lot of artists out there. Heck, the woman whom I helped in the WordPress session is an independent designer.

  7. Hey Matt, very cool to meet you and hang out in Vangroovy. I’m rethinking the $100-million question you asked as we dropped you off, and have a few better answers for it now.

    Sidenote: any pointers to all those photos you were snapping while at the conference and the after parties?

  8. My pictures are ready to go, I’m just waiting for certain features within WordPress to start working and creating intermediate sizes so I can upload them to my blog instead of Gallery.

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