St. Patrick’s day in NYC

Travel to NYC, dinner and drinks for St. Patrick’s day.

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Paul, probably because I had to change all the permalinks, should be better now.

Joshua, what do you think would make them look better in feed readers?

The gallery feature is great – it is something that I have been faking for a while using a css, but having it built in will be far superior.

The thumbs do look fuggly in reader, due to the mix of horizontal and vertical shots. Reader strips out the margins. One solution would be to crop the thumbs to the same proportions, no matter the original orientation.

That would be my preference, but others might disagree. I guess that I can always just hack it into 2.5 😉 Thanks for all the hard work.

Wait a second, did I read that right? Is your whole site done entirely with 2.5, you are not using Gallery2 for the photo galleries?

I’ve been banging my head against a wall for nearly a week now, trying to get a decent blog site (with integrate photo galleries, exactly like what you have here!) going for my daughter.

Tried to play with WPG2, WP-QDig, WP-simpleviewer, Jalbum, etc… Upgraded to 2.5 R1, then back down since I didn’t see the multi-select and gallery options that seem to be in R2.

Anyway, I’ll go elsewhere for support but I’m just desperate to know… is this site done entirely using WP 2.5 R2, or are you using other plugins/tricks to get it to look so nice? If so, what else are you using?

Thanks Matt

Thanks Matt,

I saw that video earlier, but it cut off just before you showed browsing among photos in an album.

Could you share with us what other plugins/customizations to WP 2.5 you personally did to make such a great looking site?

First, thank you for all WordPress has done for me. I am going to be upgrading from 2.2 to 2.5 soon (nervous as I have never upgraded before). Are you going to have another upgrade party as with 2.3?
My question regards the photos above. They are wonderful pictures, and I wanted to know what camera you used? Really good ability to focus on the foreground, and well captured night shots. Impressive!