The new Metblogs looks fantastic. According to Jason all the cities are running on WordPress MU. Metblogs was one of the largest Movable Type installations I knew about, I’m honored to see them move to WP. Cities are the next big thing, I hear.

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Oh man, you just had to link to the cities flash presentation. I came across that on Stumbleupon and thought it was rather interesting. As for the move from MT to WordPress, congrats to Metblogs.

Their div titles could use some padding-left as they don’t look right being aligned to the left edge like that.

The top portion of all the blogs looks great and I enjoy the post footers. However, I think they could of increased the font size of the content by a pixel or two.

Also, it looks like the focus is really on the content, but I think it sucks to go from city to city / country to country and not see any real changes between the blog designs.

Thanks for the mention! I write for the Denver Met Blogs and have been waiting, praying and hoping for the WP day to come. Let me tell you…things are so much more awesome! Woot and stuff!

@Runa: not for my city, it seems mixed (Kuala Lumpur).

@Jeffro: yeah, i was also kinda hoping for “something” to change from city to city.

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