New bbPress

bbPress 0.9 released.

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Can I be sad that Brubeck got used for a bbPress release and not a WP release? I’ve been waiting for a Brubeck-named WP release for … well, ever since you started the jazz artist naming.

I like the out of the box simplicity of bbPress. Concentrate on the content and leave the bling to other forums. I also like the concept of tags instead of search. Good job!

This seemed like a good time to experiment with bbPress. It was much easier to style than I was expecting, but my only other forum experience is with SMF. I only spent about an hour from download to getting bbPress integrated into my WP theme.

Are you still pursuing a strategy that includes

If so, it looks like it may have been hacked… Or you’re testing a phpBB powered forum for fun (OMGPonyBBQs!). 😉