Web 2.0 Expo Announcements

The two things I announced at Web 2.0 Expo this morning (I don’t want to tell you how early I got up) were Possibly Related Posts and the Monotone theme. The latter should be available early next week. A few people covered the talk, including WebGuild, NextWeb, Mashable, and WebWare. Update: Here are some pictures from the talk.

28 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Expo Announcements

  1. “Lateral navigation” reminds me of what my Dad always called “Lateral Thinking,” which everyone else now refers to as “thinking outside the box.” Lateral navigation is done, sort of, in the same spirit.

    Related, I have been tinkering with qualitative data analysis software to optimize it for Arabic and would be interested in lending whatever help I can in i18n and l10n for this feature.


  2. @Dave Smith – Possibly Related would not work as a plugin for .org users because the posts in Possibly Related are not from the blog owner, but from the .com community. Hence the “possibly” title.

  3. Ben, that’s not true. The way it ranks is posts from the blog owner are first, then it shows posts from around the wp.com community. It could work for .org as well if we indexed those blogs.

  4. Related posts makes a ton of sense. I use that feature in YouTube a lot. Is it something that works only on blogs hosted on wordpress.com? I’m thinking specifically about how it can show posts from other blogs on mine and vice versa.

  5. So, Matt, are you saying that the indexing of .org sites is definitely on the cards, or that it is something you’d like to do but have no plans for in the next year or so?

  6. Oh, in case my above comment is misconstrued – that wasn’t intended as a criticism, I fully expected it to look ugly on a site without photos since that’s not what the theme was designed for.

    It sure does look good on the official demo site though.