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A question for Ma.tt readers: What’s your favorite posting bookmarklet? We’re starting to think about ways to make posting to WP from wherever you are on the web easier in 2.6, just curious what you guys enjoy the most and why.

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  1. Friendfeed’s and Facebook’s bookmarklets are pretty great. Also check out how shareaholic works. But what WordPress should really do is have the option to auto-aggregate a WordPress user’s activity from across the web automagically (like Friendfeed) and add that activity to their blog. RSS feeds should be customizable (so people can choose what types of posts to receive). Flexibility and automation on input and output.

  2. google video andother major video sites first, would be nice a a generic site bookmarklet to allow to post about a site you visit that make a screeshot thumbnnails of the site (i know it’s hard)

    Wold be nice having a sort of templates where you can insert text and html with some varibales like %siteurl% or %moviename% to insert into templates. This will allow for some bookmarklet to have a sort of auto posting option without need to edit the post again.

  3. I used to use the default bookmarklet, but it sometimes didn’t work and as I couldn’t rely on it, I stopped using it.

    I don’t use any bookmarklet now, but I wish I could find some great one.

  4. Have you seen the Twine bookmarklet? It generates a css-based on-page popup, which is great because it’s way faster than waiting for a new browser window to load. Plus, you never leave the page you’re on. The number one thing that would be awesome, though, is to automatically pull in some thumbnails from the page you’re bookmarking. That would be life-changing.

  5. I use Shareaholic Firefox add-on, which includes the outstanding Tumblr bookmark, but also bundles in Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, Mixx and more.

    As much as I love WordPress, nothing beats the Tumblr bookmark for with its mix of speed and features. Obviously the Quick Post plug in emulates some of these features, but it’s not really the same.

    I recommend building something into WordPress that approaches the Tumblr gold standard but tightly integrates into the WP feature-set and experience.

  6. I’m looking for one that is optimized for the iPhone. I keep thinking that there HAS to be one out there but can’t find anything yet. Has anyone found such a thing?

  7. I’m with Amit, the Quick Post plugin is superb, a little bit of modification and mine works very similar to Tumblr (which I used for a bit), excellent and has certainly improved the ease (and therefore the regularity) of my posting.

  8. Absolutely Tumblr!
    Also with the possibility to automatically add different css classes to the different post types.

  9. Seriously; the Tumblr-bookmarklet is something I’ve been looking for a replacement for ages, but it doesn’t seem to exist for WordPress (and no, the WP Quick Post just isn’t quite there). An officially endorsed bookmarklet would be fantastic to have!

  10. For the most part, I either use the WordPress bookmarklet which has existed for quite some time, or I wrote my posts from within the WordPress Write Panel. However, if there was going to be a bookmarklet in the future, I would strongly suggest doing one similar to Tumblr bookmarlet.

  11. The ability to automatically submit ones post to the social media sites ones uses, within the WP dashboard, would be EXTREMELY VALUABLE.

    Not just the standard sites like Digg, but one should be able to submit to the sites that are within ones niche, and mostly uses.

    So some sort of functionality where one can choose relevant & multiple social media sites, plus auto submit.

    That would be priceless.

  12. Tumblr is certainly the class-leader in this department. Natively breaking down the barriers and thresholds of the traditional, physical post action is one of the big reasons I switched from WP.

    With that said, I’m glad you guys are exploring this option for the next release. I love WP, it’s a great tool and CMS and I still use it for other projects (professional and personal) on a daily basis.

  13. I bookmark useful links to Del.icio.us, then use Postalicious to digest them onto my blog every day. Would love an easy way to do that without Del.ico.us or Postalicious, and adding a thumbnail option for each link would be the bomb. Option to create a separate post for each link, or a digest, or both would be sweet.

  14. I would love to see some sort of of bookmarklet that will allow you to create linkdumps into a post which can be formatted and edited prior to publishing. At present, I use del.icio.us to create a tag list which I display in a widget — the drawback is that you end up with a no-follow link which doesn’t ping or track back.

    Great idea for 2.6 — look forward to seeing what’s cooking!

  15. Tumblr, hands down. The key isn’t content-type separation but is the way it identifies linkable elements and makes them available for re-publication.

  16. Tumblr, by and far. The “smart” aspect of it that sniffs for what kind of content you’re trying to post is just stellar, and its compact nature is really slick.

    Of course, when adapted for WordPress, I would like to see Tumblr’s bookmarklet format to incorporate some of WordPress’s features. A way to select categories or tags, and perhaps a way from the Admin panel to customize what the bookmarklet presents to users (i.e., some stick with categories, some may use 100% tags, etc.).

  17. i use frien feed – bc it does everything automatic
    and i do like tumblr (and i have one)
    yet never visit it since its just a copy of my WordPress.

  18. Hey, Matt. Just stopping by to say congratulations on your new blog design! Looking great.

    Bookmarklet, I hardly use any, is StumbleUpon a bookmarklet? Facebook’s Share yeah, also that.

  19. I use the built-in, default bookmarklet – daily. Why? Because I never actually looked for alternatives. I’m both excited to hear that this will be improved and, going to go through the comments here to see if there is anything better.

    PS. Just be 100% sure that Safari is supported in whatever comes in 2.6

  20. Thanks Amit for mentioning the Quick Post WP plugin. I hadn’t seen it before, but have been able to modify it to do most of what I want. Include this plugin in 2.6, with added customizability!

  21. I eighteenth Tumblr, it’s really simple.

    I also second the idea of creating image thumbnails like that of facebook.

  22. I like Del.icio.us but I guess I will need to check out Tumblr. I really like how simple Del.icio.us is, it does exactly what I need it to do.

  23. Hey, nice idea to get pre-development input.

    I just wanted a plugin or a feature that could allow me to create a bookmarklet like that for FaceBook so that I could make a post by clicking one button.

    The Press-It bookmarklet still requires you to create the content.

    Good luck, have fun.

  24. I actually rolled my own (blog post linked), because I was tired of using different bookmarklets. I post to linkblog, blog, delicious, twitter (or any combo of those), and an email list with one click, whew. I made it because sometimes I want to share publicly, sometimes semi-publicly, and sometimes just privately save an item. I am not a real engineer so it’s not ready for more than one user, but I wish someone would make something like it that was real.

  25. I like ecto bookmarklet. most!

    Also I think ideal sequence could be..

    1. user click on a bookmarklet from browser
    2. Post editor window open with extra options in popup
    3.pop up will have things like
    -set post title to target page title field
    -copy images from target page (optionally mirror on host server)
    -option to set trackbacks to target page URL
    -option to add credit note with SS icon/link (if later is present)
    -a crazy drag-n-drop option. Wizard will remain open without catching focus and user can select any part of page. Then just drag-n-drop it on post editor area!

    Also link and meta tag from target page header can be utilized smartly!

    God I am asking for little more I guess… 😉

  26. I wrote the WP Quick Post bookmarklet to mimic Tumblr’s. If there was an officially supported WP version, I would jump for joy.

    There are so many things the Quick Post bookmarklet doesn’t do that it should. I would support and encourage WordPress and Automattic’s endeavors in creating a better one.

  27. I don’t understand the majesty of Tumblr at all. It just seems like a beta version of Blogger to me. {shrug}
    I always use del.icio.us and post the recent links to my WP sidebar. It’s the only social bookmarking button that works with my IE (the Digg button, never, ever worked for me in the browser).

  28. No one has mentioned Dominic Szablewski, Asaph. It’s a self hosted blog like bookmarklet system. I’ve been testing it for about a month, and my only complaint is it doesn’t support video.

    What I love about it, is all saved content is stored on my server, so even if the content is taken down or moved, I still have my own copy.

    You can see his webcast here:

    And the beta site here:

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